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Safe as houses

Irongate locksmiths are on 24hr emergency call if you get locked out or need a locksmith.

Call us anytime on 07546126613 or visit

Imagine if you had been putting off clearing out that old cupboard under the stairs...then lockdown came along and finally you had the time to get rid of all that rubbish.

Then after lifting back the old flooring you see.....a safe!

Well that's exactly what one of our customers did and much to their surprise after years of living in the same house, there it was a safe, just sat there waiting to be found after all those years.

....well we were straight over to assess the situation, however with no code the customer had no chance of opening it up and seeing what's inside would prove impossible...well almost impossible!

We are about to pick the safe open and reveal after many years the contents inside....very soon!


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