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Smart locks...scarey ???

Iongate Locksmiths can now supply and fit a selection of new modern smart locks and entry systems that offer a range of benefits,such as keyless entry (with your smart phone), selected remote entry to burglar alert features.

Irongate Locksmiths get asked more and more of late, when we are out in South Tyneside working with customers about smart locking systems for residential and commercial doors\entry points.

"Are they safe ?"..."what happens if i loose my phone or fob ?"...."do i still have to carry my keys ?"..."are they up to British Standards ?"...."do they meet my insurance requirements?" all these are questions that we can happily provide answers

to and hopefully satisfy your curiosity.

you can contact us directly on 07546126613 or email us any questions through our website

one of the manufactures is Yale, you can view a selection of their products at

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