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Hey good 'locking'

Irongate locksmiths have had another busy week repairing/replacing locks in South Shields and offering a 24hr emergency service to all those who have been enjoying the (very welcome) warm weather.

Patio doors....have been the biggest issue this week,due to their nature plastic (UPVC) doors tend to expand and contract due to the increase in temperatures which leads to warping, twisting and sagging.

Customs have found that after opening their French

doors and enjoying the day with the breeze gently blowing in ,that when trying to close them the doesn't fit or will not lock properly.

Irongate Locksmiths offer our 'UPVC patio door service package' which will have your doors operating just as they should be, so you can enjoy sunshine and still have 'the outdoors in doors'.

Random lock fact.....the oldest known locks are round about 4000 years old.

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